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On X-rays can be seen in the stomach, flatulence, and some types of foreign bodies. Foreign bodies of natural origin very often do not give a gassing. P&G can provide more clarity in the matter. Just some foreign bodies may palpated by hand. In any case, which can be determined only at the clinic. First aid. If you notice that the animal has swallowed an object that can cause bowel obstruction, can be given liquid paraffin (3 ml per 1 kg body weight) every 2-3 hours (liquid paraffin, the only thing that is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract). Vomiting when giving liquid paraffin evidence of a foreign body in the stomach. In this case, the dose of oil should be cut in half, and the period giving up to 30 minutes.

Thus it is necessary to monitor the output of oil. To make it easier to see beyond a petroleum jelly, you can add a drop of sea buckthorn (it will turn orange). Pay attention! – Oil should come out (through anus) after an interval of 40 minutes to 2 hours. If not, stop giving the oil and URGENT vezite ferret to the clinic! – Also see Do not increase the amount of the ferret stomach after taking vaseline oil, spruce belly swelled, then it shows a complete blockage. Oil also can not give more, and the ferret must be urgently taken to the hospital! The same urge to do it, if foreign subject did not come out and state your ferret is getting worse. Should be kept in feces ferret out for a foreign body. Be sure to measure the temperature (rectal), if it decreases (the normal temperature ferret about 38.4 degrees Celsius), then again with the same urgency to the clinic! In no case can give a ferret adsorbents (activated carbon, smectite) and a laxative, this leads to a sharp deterioration of the ferret. So, always remember that best treatment is prevention! Try to anticipate what might arouse the interest of the ferret and remove such items inaccessible to ferret place. And if the trouble still happens, do not stall and immediately contact your veterinarian clinic. Timely treatment largely determines the successful outcome of the operation.

May 02

Oil Exploration

In 1913 the first well was drilled by the R1 Venezuelan Oil Concesions (VOC), a subsidiary of Shell.
In 1917, Santa Barbara 2 well was the first to find oil.
In July 1922 began drilling the well Barrosos 2 (R4), a percussion drilling during natural gas the pilot he got stuck and had to find an expert in the United States to continue drilling, the VOC was disappointed in the outcome of his 3 well above (2 nutsand a poor) and I thought out of their operations if not find anything. In December 1922 the pilot was removed on December 14 when electricity ESCO the restart was a drilling reventon 100,000 barrels per day, unprecedented in the history of oil, with an oil column of 40 meters in height visible from Maracaibo. Cabimas occupied the front pages of newspapers. is concerned with which, considering the state of our environment, is very important Legend has it that the locals took a group of San Benito Chimbangeles to stop the stream which was flowing black several days. At its inception hundreds of wells were drilled in the La Rosa, forming forests wood some drills side by side. Photographs of the time show a group of wells in the current boulevart.
The oil turned the fishing village that grew rapidly in size and population, the influence of the oil industry can be seen on streets with names such as wells and roads R5 and R10 sector Gasplant, called by the first natural gas company funciono in Zulia.
The site brought immigrants from other regions of the country, many Andean falconianos and margaritenos, as well energy costs as foreigners.
Concordia was one of the first new sectors, in addition to Miraflores, and Corito Tierra Negra (named for the large number who founded falconianos). Concordia existed as early as 1926. Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and was founded by Gloria falconianos in gas the vicinity of the well Barrosos 2.
June 1935 Carlos Gardel Cabimas singing in the theater, located on the current av independence. Arrived by boat to sing 3 songs, sadly was formed after a fight of their interpretation, on its way back to Buenos Aires coming directly from Cabimas, died in a plane crash in Medellin.
In 1936 set off a strike oil, its leaders were Manuel Taborda and Jorge Hernandez, the strike resulted in the founding of the first union of the Venezuelan Workers and Employees Union of Petroleum (SOEP), which still operates in the same seat in the Rosario Street.

The Oklahoman green energy
OIL AND GASOklahoma the prices of crude oil Monday holiday.Oklahoma not available because of the oil and gas drilling activity posted January 12: COMPLETIONSAlfalfa: Kirkpatrick Oil Co. Inc. Anthony No. 1-34 Well, C NW1 / 4 SE1 / 4 of the 34-24N-12W, 14 barrels of oil per day, 5000-cu ft of gas per day TD 7362.Beaver: Exco Resources Inc.. Gregg No. 2-22 Well, N1 / 2 N1 / 2 SE1 / 4 NW1 / 4 of 22-04N-23E, 24,000 cu-ft gas per … the time is ripe to take advantage of the lower energy costs, is one of those ESCOs I must consider
National Post
Tiny MGM Energy Corp., the only oil and gas household drilling even in the Mackenzie Delta, he said Tuesday its first major natural gas discovery in the Arctic. In a question-answer forum P&G was the first to reply.
Oil Online
Scissors Delek Drilling LP energy and Avner Oil Exploration LP have a natural gas discovery in the context of the “Matan” license on the Tamar – 1 “drilling prospect (the” drill “or” good “).
Environment News Service
South Book Cliffs proposed wilderness in Utah at the risk of oil and gas drilling. (Photo by Tom Till courtesy Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance)
May 01

Pros Of Buying A Car In The U.S.

1. Cars are cheaper in the U.S. and this is an indisputable fact. Against the background of the disastrous rise of the euro against the dollar, the price difference from the U.S. car and a car from Europe is increasing with a geometric progression is not in favor of the latter. 2. When buying a car in the U.S. have more confidence in the reliability of this path, but there is no 100% guarantee.

3. Most cars that use in the United States are adapted to our 92 petrol – does not affect all cars. For By comparison, fresh cars in Europe because of stricter environmental regulations more prefer the AI 95. Again, does not affect all cars. 4. Car of America, as a rule, the richer is completed. Inside, virtually error-free You can find the climate control, automatic transmission, power accessories and a lot of different options. The only thing – the quality of plastic in the cabin of the United States leaves much to be desired.

5. Opportunity to buy a model or make of car, which has not been formally delivered or not delivered to our market. Let me explain with an example. Honda Civic in the back of the last generation coupe officially introduced only in the U.S. market (by the way there and done). The probability of finding the car on Our car markets are extremely low. 6. The queue to buy a new car – even if the desired car is officially presented in our showrooms, the queue to buy it can stretch more than a year. In addition to the large stir to contribute to this phenomenon may be a low volume of quotas for the supply of certain models in a specific country. The opposite situation may occur in the U.S. market, where the same car can be picked up straight from the salon.