Nov 18


If it is reading this article surely it is because there is been making some search in Internet. Internet is without a doubt the most complete and safe form to look for lodging, advice and suggestions besides commentaries of first known friendly hand and. In the network they are possible to be found all type of information on interest places, or are cultural, natural or of leisure. In addition, also they will find tourist reviews on restaurants, attractions and discotheques, as well as options and schedules of transport and all type of observations data and images. But mainly, to the so complete and accessible being, Internet it allows to help to anywhere choose the favorite destiny for vacations and the best and more advisable lodging of the world, including Morocco. Before beginning to plan its trip, they would have to think envelope what is what they wish. Morocco are a country extremely diverse and varied that offers all the types of possible vacations, from the luxurious and indulgent elegance of Marrakesh to the fascinating tradition and the espiritualidad of Fez, happening through the calm beach stations of Essaouira and Agadir, the animated and urban Casablanca, the impressive desert of the Sahara or innumerable mountainous mountain ranges.

Once they have decided what type of vacations wishes, must choose the most suitable destiny its vacations and to begin to make some search on the type of activities and the places of interest that each region or city offers. The options in each region are different and include escapes to the nature, trips of adventure, innumerable archaeological visits, impressive architecture, leisure and sports of all type, countless opportunities to go of purchases, Tours gastronomical, trips of cooperation, etc. When they are safe of which it is his destiny of vacations preferred, a good beginning for the lodging search is to visit pages Web that include reviews on riads and hotels and that offers excellent supplies in multitude of types of lodging by all the country. Web sites as excellent Espace-Maroc or Riad2000 offers riads and villas to incredible prices with advice and suggestions on places to visit, transport, restaurants, nocturnal life, etc. Another wonderful place where to look for information on his favourite destiny of vacations it is Facebook. In Facebook many groups exist where people speak on her experiences of trips and share advice exceeds what to visit, where to eat or to sleep and how to move. Also they will find information on cultural events, transport, customs and even labels and many places outside the tourist circuit.

They come to Morocco and they enjoy the fantastic opportunities for unforgettable vacations that the country offers them. My favorite city in Morocco is Marrakesh, mainly by its variety and its relaxed atmosphere. The Ocher City offers a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, an excellent nocturnal life, a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very reasonable. Also you can alojarte in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the inhabitants will welcome to you with the open arms.