Nov 20


Three possible questions about the mind point to three different diagnostic levels: in the debate about mental, functionalism tends to confuse questions (2) and (3) with (1) question, given his persistence in defining how essential mental to that which constitutes the organizational or functional structure of the mind. Why the functionalism confuses different levels?: outline of an explanation 1. If you are not convinced, visit Slayer. Behind the confusion of levels incurred by functionalism there are a number of contributing confusions or – when less – some implicit assumptions that should be reviewed. Some of these confusions or important, among other assumptions, are: the inheritance that functionalism maintains with the computer science and its debt advance in the world of the artificial artificial intelligence not only isn’t improper but that it is necessary to homologate the essence of an entity to its function, since it has been expressly designed to meet (in Aristotelian termsits essence can assimilate to their cause (end, i.e. to your what) coming from the functional analogy between minds and computers, functionalism is necessarily doomed to understand the mental in terms of functions, even if the cost associated with this company resulting in a denaturing of the object of study. Also, to support much of its research programme on the development of systems thinking artificial functionalism ends subordinate to an eventual success that occur, would define again the mental in terms of functions.

However, it should not be forgotten that the mind is a natural entity, where basic nature and function constitute an inseparable amalgam. 2. The confusion between mind, in its strict sense, and intelligence functionalism, with its permanent recurrence to what a system is capable of doing (VG, its function) as Definitory of the mental (to the detriment of the substance that the system is made), implicitly seems to refer more to the intelligence (VG, mind) intelictiva) that the mind in general (e.g., the psyche) perhaps, this is one of the reasons why functionalism could satisfactorily explain those mental phenomena that involve processes that act as causal powers of some mental product (such as intelligence and creativity), while it is really problematic explanation of phenomena that constitute intrinsic mental States (i.e.(, which are what they are regardless of their status of causes or effects of other States) such as feelings and emotions in general.

Nov 18


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Nov 13

But Teodsia

It freed for the mouth the last air bubbles that removed of this world, tried to look at for top, in support, aid search, or simply to see the clarity for the last time, but its eyes already were disturbances, consumed for the silence and the negritude that indefiniam the environment. It could not be happy with the life that led, but, inevitably, to the side of the death, was the instinct that dominated its body, imposing to it a last despaired attitude. But nothing more it had that it could be made. It felt a tremendous anguish when noticing that everything was lost, that terrible and indescritvel sensation of loss, when having conscience that did not advance to fight, was lost, was the perception of the end. Lode then the lethargic feeling of the acomodamento, delivering themselves it the end of the existence, the last indifference. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ping Fu. It lost, finally, the directions.

Its body pendulava now to the flavor of waters, as an aquatic plant any. 20 minutes later the friends had only almost given account that Teodsia had disappeared. Having been seen for the last time when entering in the water, the diagnosis of the catastrophe promptitude lode: drowning, was what they foresaw the aid shouts. The aid until was given: a life-guard, who does not know itself for where she walked, more three men, had shot itself in search of the body. In this all a multitude of curious already if agglomerated to the edge of the probable place of the accident, with its mrbida curiosity. At last, after some time of search, one of the men emerges and says in triumphant voice: ' ' I found! You here, female prisoner in one plants! ' '. They had become to dive then e, shortly afterwards, the inert body of Teodsia submerged of the deepenings. After that the body is deposited in the sand so that if it tries the reanimao.

The multitude if condenses, all wants to see. Breath mouth the mouth, pressure in the thorax, nothing advances more. Teodsia not it returns, but all feed with vision of young body without will, that balances to the steps of the man loads who it, at any cost, for inside of the car, leaving in gone off route to the hospital. It remained a strange silence, while the multitude if wasted. An almost respectful silence, but the things had finished coming back to the normal one, in plus one day in the lagoon, as nothing it had been happened. But Teodsia is that not return more.