Aug 30

Black Hole

Arriving at increasing temperatures close to zero Kelvin, infinitely closer to it. And every particle of what we know will spread around the entire empty space to cessation of the existing force, leaving only inertia, each piece of matter separated by a growing distance. An infinite universe and dark density zero, an irremediable void. But it would be a totally dark …, a universe illuminated by remnant light. Rays of light illuminating fixed length areas of space travel time, leaving dark back on the march, with only one obstacle: the infinite. But while we can imagine a final, which also is not final (rather continuity infinite), returning to the uniqueness of the principle, one must ask several things, like "Where arise? What was the ignition, if any, which led to the expansion? We know that space-time is flexible and can be broken down to make room for strange phenomena.

And for me, the answer to these questions are in black holes, more specifically, in the Schwarzschild wormholes. That is, our expanded field as we know, could be a result of these, or more. We know that an immense amount of matter concentrated in a very small, deformed space-time, according to general relativity, thus forming what is known as Black Hole. Returning to our more reason to accept an infinite universe and the Big Bang, the origin of this "fireball" would be the result of a black hole of a "parallel universe" located elsewhere in the real universe. In other words, maybe our portion of the material universe is isolated from other possible material portions similar to ours.

Aug 21

Petroleum Consumption Regulation

Paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of the lower Austrian Management Act the petroleum consumption regulation 1919 is a quite historically relevant standards in the field of nature protection and was adopted by the local Parliament at an early stage of the Republican lower Austria. Through the analysis and review of the paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of petroleum consumption regulation 1919 the substantive and procedural content is discusses in the sense of a legal fact research here now in detail. The nature protection law, the land law including the exceptional standards for pest control in agriculture and Forstwirtschaftaber, but also the management right for individual products already had its origins in the State of lower Austria in the monarchy. In Republican lower Austria from 1919 a range of nature-protection standards was but then also adopted and thus inserted in the rule of law. In this context, as the mole Protection Act 1920 is the nature conservation Act, 1924, to call the country cave Protection Act 1924, or may beetle regulation 1924. In addition, central standards were created in the field of law of the agricultural economic benefits such as the Land Act for promoting the pastures and grazing 1923.

About the petroleum consumption regulation 1919 or firewood management regulation came to 1919. Petroleum consumption regulation 1919 included paragraphs of 1919 petroleum consumption regulation to govern the total 12 the facts according to. It is in the scale of standards in the category of the middle section -Dichte(>10<50 ) to classify. A low Dichte(<10) and a high of are Dichte(>50) of petroleum consumption regulation 1919 not to apply. “The objectives of the petroleum consumption regulation 1919 as objectives of the petroleum consumption regulation 1919 was in the 1 the sale and distribution of petroleum in specific quantities and under certain advance set tongue” appropriately regulated. The content of the petroleum consumption regulation in 1919 in the paragraphs 2 to 12 of petroleum consumption regulation 1919 settled the relevant administrative and management-criminal issues in detail. The enforcement clause of the petroleum consumption regulation with the completion of the petroleum consumption regulation 1919 1919 was sever(SDAP) lower Austrian Provincial Governor and his State Government commissioned.

Aug 21

Energy Petrol Station

Mobile phone, laptop and PC are full of energy, just many users feel fully discharged. Energy loss is not only an issue for electronic devices. Who has little power, can bring only little power. And if the charge cycles are becoming ever shorter, the total power loss threatens. To prevent a total discharge, there is specifically for users of mobile & co: the secret meditation. This new type of meditation is an active meditation that is not designed to achieve a long deep relaxation. The secret meditation is different.

You push the user and provides him with a burst of energy in the extra class quickly and effectively. This is done with film, music, language and nature sounds, which are perfectly matched audiovisual. Two each ten minute long versions are available and can be saved in various file formats. So the Sunrise variant is for the morning or energy snack in between and the starry sky variant for the evening. Knowledge in terms of Meditation are not required the application area for adventurous is gratifyingly large. A new app for mobile & co: +++ important information for editors: copyright of this press release is press service Meier. The author allows the free use and exploitation of this press release in any form. Abbreviation for press service Meier is PM +++

Aug 18

The Petrol

For this it is necessary for the Hyundai for the start stop system (300 Euro) pay extra, and it’s cute gets complicated when compared, the equipment is different graduated. You must look closely at the guarantee: while KIA offers seven years with 150,000 miles, Hyundai retains five years unlimited mileage. A start-stop system, which means at Hyundai ISG is available for all engines, extra charge but each 300 euros. Thus reduced consumption and emissions from the diesel 4.3 l and 114 g / km. The 90-Horsepower gasoline engine comes to 5.6 l or 130 g / km. At the rear, the Hyundai ix20 shows amazingly athletic with wide lights, diffuser hint of and darkened glass (standard on the better equipped diesel version 19.990 euros).

According to sporting performance but fails and doesn’t have to be in this class also. You can choose between two engines for the Hyundai ix20 brave drives now. The gasoline engine with capacity of 1.4 litres producing 90 BHP and is equipped with a five-speed gearbox. It accelerates the small van on 167 km/h and consumes an average 6.0 l / 100 km. With optional start / stop decreases the value to 5.6 l / 100 km and 130 g of CO2 per kilometre. Price: from 14.990 euro. As an alternative offering Hyundai on the 1.4 CRDi also 90 HP, on the consumption 4,5 l / 100 km presses; with ISG, there are 4.3 l / 100 km and very brave 114 g CO2/km. The diesel is generally equipped with a six-speed gearbox and standard already has the automatic climate control (the gasoline engine has a manual air conditioning) as well as the variable luggage compartment floor. However, the extra charge for the diesel 2500 euros (17.490 = euro) quite steep, therefore Hyundai will also anticipates a 70 percent sales share of the petrol engine. As of January, the entire engine range available is then: followed by a gasoline engine with capacity of 1.6 litres and 125 HP (which can be ordered also with automatic) and an insurance-cheap version of these diesel 78 HP The prices of these are not yet known.

Aug 05

Time Eaters

Have you ever thought, which takes time for your business. If not, make sure you count, it will be interesting. I periodically analyze their activities, as value of time is realized for a long time (That’s what I said in his article, the – the main value of part 1, part 2). Sometimes I notice that it is very coldly spoke with several candidates in the hope of more rapid development, and style of conversation suggests inner voice. Decided to recall these people and wonder why the inner voice does not love them (99 per cent of cases he is right). Here are 5 categories of the very candidates who can spend your time in vain: a steep one. “Steep networkers, “who know everything, usually people who went through several network companies, perhaps even with some results. Ask too many questions, with little perceived information from both the written and the oral sources.

Very dangerous for beginners, because but take more time and emotion. Purpose – elicit some chips. Make it impossible, because self-importance closes the mind of the new information. Partners never are – from experience. skeptic 2.

“Crusty skeptics, people who look carefully at everything they come across on the eyes. In this case, look through the lens of a dark gray color, which passes only the negative. Constantly elicits all sorts of little things, like “how to increase the signal strength received by the car, if we increase its speed by 2 mph. Very happy for myself, when they get the answer to your question.

Aug 04


For its development today has all the necessary conditions only the goodwill, joint efforts and adequate funding. Applicable today, treatment of toxoplasmosis, even at diagnosis quite insufficient, as directed only at eliminating the parasite and then, as it turned out temporarily. It is absolutely not affected by the devastating six directions, without addressing the quality of which recovery is impossible. From all this it follows that treatment must be integrated, consciously aimed at specific targets. Do not neglect and curative methods elaborated over the centuries.

On the web site of vedrus in the White Paper of life, unknown to me the authors have collected a few of my articles and vsma positive about my efforts including and published my first book. Invited me to publish a new one or two books as I understand it with a more lengthy and detailed account of issues raised. As mentioned above, such a book already published "The Problem of toxoplasmosis in 2007, it presents some new aspects. But all, all what I have already managed to understand, probably I never will not disclose, for the simple reason that all my appeals, to join efforts to reduce borrowing colleagues, including graduate degrees, and with what and how to treat it. Yet even with me to share my observations do not want to. In turn, I never share with them the understanding sufficient depth of treatment.

I understand perfectly that this is absolutely not the same people who are able to realize the situation and can help the cause. Therefore, the primary task now is to find like-minded people together, organize a club, society, or whatever you want to call in order to put into practice the most advanced approach, treating many diseases. Perhaps opening a special hospital. Need protivotoksoplazmoznom treatment of millions, including among businessmen, industrialists, bankers, ministers, presidents and kings, they too are sick, like all people. With a sufficient explanation of the essence and there are issues raised sponsors. It is high time to head this new direction of professors and academic staff and obizatelno Ukraine, where so hard to not want to see the prospect to learn, not to treat and cure patients. By examples reduced even in this article shows how the new finds its way, albeit in different countries gradually, but it has no one to stop. Even if I did not publish such material, it would make other professionals because it came time to dramatic changes. For those who want to cooperate by the coordinates of the beginning of the article.

Aug 04

Thus Recruitment To The Gambling Won

Warsteiner brewery opts for online recruitment of Cologne Personalberatung KCP executives Bonn/Warstein based brewery Warsteiner on the online recruitment of Cologne Personalberatung KCP executives. The process to save time and money as well as increase the quality, the food newspaper reported. Up to 5,000 applications reach the Westphalian tradition company. So far was the editing of the documents by hand. The careful sifting and accurate assessment was costly however as time consuming and thus. Each year more than 700 apprentices for the company apply. The personnel costs for the processing of applications is huge”, writes the newspaper of food.

As a solution it has decided of KCP executives therefore for the online recruitment portal Concludis. The company is guided by the human resources experts Marc Emde have specializes in the recruitment of experts and executives about the direct search. The advantage: Concludis structured takes the applications and the applicants at the same time invites to an online assessment with psychological and cognitive tests, post basket exercise and structured interview. At the start of Concludis the factor was first time. With only four tenders, of which two posts for trainees, we had the first 400 applications already within two weeks. Only prepare the information took before about four weeks time us”, explains Stefan Bastert, personnel Director of Warsteiner. Emde according to its Web-based ASP solution represents a tremendous workload for businesses. The pre-selection of the staff makes it no gambling”more. The triple benefit of Concludis is in cost reduction, optimisation of processes and the savings from administrative work. By Nicolaus Glasner

Aug 03

The Front

After the coffee, Willian caught the knapsack and left to the street to walk six squares until arriving at the school. In that morning it repaired each house why he always passed and he remembered each inhabitant trying to search in its memory the good things that he lives in that street. He stopped in front of the house of Mr. Valter, who was known for its bad mood and tormenting the tricks of the children close to its house. For some occasions he caught the balls that fell in its yard and rare it returned to the children, waited that some father came to search them to be able to remember, insistently, that he was one gentleman of age and that he needed a little of peace. Willian was certain that it adored all that badalao in front of its house, and probably remembered of when she was child and it prepared how much they in such a way.

The boy laughed for a moment and continued walking. He arrived in front of campinho of beaten land where soccer with the friends plays almost all the afternoons, before the sun if putting for some times its mother it cried out of the esquina so that Willian was for house before he was dark excessively. It took care of readily it, invited its friends to go to the front of its house, to make two bars with the slipper hawaiian to play the celebrity travinha exempts. He finished playing at least plus one hour almost without enxergar the ball because of the dark one and later he entered all in sweated house. Before taking bath he took a great cup of achocolatado almost that without breathing, in the end arroto gave to one and a yellow smile for its mother, looked at who it of ugly face. It continued walking and it can see the movement in front of its school, the signal already had touched and the children were going up the stairs that went in direction to would carry, where functioned the direction.