Mar 22


Oxide of Ethylene. Gaseous chromatography INDRODUO the sterilization process has the purpose to remove or to destroy all the forms of microbiana life for a sterility level segura1.

The sterilization can be made by means of the application of dry heat or humid, agent gaseous, chemical and physical and all the processes must be validados2. The oxide of ethylene (EtO) discovered by Wurtz in 1859, started to be produced commercially in 1921 and from 1962 it was adopted as method of sterilization for materials sensible to calor3. The EtO exerts lethal action through alquilao, in mainly acid nuclicos, hindering the protein synthesis and destroying esporos, bacteria, fungos and vrus4, become a safe method and eficaz5. The use of the fast Bioindicador (third generation) allows time profit and productivity and to prove the efficiency of the sterilization was carried through the validation of the process through the physical, microbiological and chemical qualification. MATERIAL AND METHODS Are about quantitative study of descriptive analysis carried through in the FBM pharmaceutical industry in the city of Anpolis-GO. The results had been express on average DP and DPR% for the Programs Graphpad Instat 3,0 have tested (Turkey Kramer) and Biostat 4,0 has tested (Shapiro Wilk), considering significant p gaseous chromatograph (Young Lin, 6100 series), clipador (Wheaton E-Z Crimper), declipador (Kebby Decapper), fast incubadora (3M), chemical Integrator classroom IV (Browne), face mask 6899-B (3M), standard EtO 5,000 ppm (SOLUTECH) lots 2695/2696, paper surgical degree (Rexan), Automatic pipette (Labmate) 100 L and 500 L, dismissable and vial tip.

Mar 16

Internet Rent

Do you want to leave the city during the following holidays? A good idea is that you rent a car, especially if your car is not able to leave or if you don’t have one. One of the benefits of renting a car is that you can use it time you want without following a route of visit, as happens in some tourist trips. There are many companies where you can rent a car, just enough that you do a search on the Internet, call by phone and ask for the car that you are interested in. The following tips can help you navigate the world of car rentals: 1. search the Web. The only thing you have to do is put the phrase rent a car as a search term. Immediately appear several companies to which you can go to rent a car. Check if they have discounts via web or if there are any promotions that you are interested.

2 Get your calculations. A rate that sounds incredibly low may not be reality. The issue of taxes, surcharges and other Czech well fees that you normally pay for any service, do not forget the charges extra (service bar, if it is a limousine, for example, or an additional permission to use a car). 3. On the hunt for deals. She asked if the company has weekend discounts or special prices for holiday dates.

This will help you save on your car rental. 4 He opts for a small car. Think about it, really need a bigger car? If it isn’t, go by the compact models. Here is a little secret: when people rent cars, normally goes for the little ones because they are more economical. However, keep in mind that you have to reserve one of these carts with months in advance since they end up very fast. 5 Check the restrictions on where the car may be collected. If you plan to travel to another State you must be sure that you will return in time to return the truck. Ask the company if they offer unlimited mileage mode. 6. Rarely need additional insurance. Car rental agencies usually have with insurance for their units. Check the insurance policy of the car that provides the company and if you have any questions ask the maintainer. 7. Check the petrol. Don’t accept prepaid gasoline plans, few leave benefit from that. What you can do is fill the tank yourself so that you pay only what you calculate that you will use. 8 It arrives in time. If you return the car a few minutes later you can get creditor to surcharges. In the event that you may have some mishap you have to notify the Agency. 9 Avoid the rental car at the airport. If you rent a car at the airport, it is very likely that you pay additional fees, such as fees or higher taxes than usual. It considers the possibility of renting the car from a suburban location. 10 Safety seats for children. If you’re travelling with children, you can you save if you ask for a seat for them, instead of those that are in the cart.

Mar 10

On Jose

But let us come back to speak of our protagonist that I believe that my expensive reader (a) however will hate, however will love, however if it will feel sorry, however will twist for the failure, however Jose is a man of 37 years, father of 2 children, being oldest of 20 years, technician in electronics and if he formed with louvor in one appraised federal school of technology, gains a good wage, he has very pretty namorada and elegant, as we can see, oldest, he has the life that all we want, a spotless life and without he stains with the bond to have a woman envied for all. The youngest child, one menininha candy of approximately 14 years, keeps in itself the innocence that if does not see more in the adolescents, keeps to an affection and compassion for the father who the comovia, always had for the father a joke, a poetry, a smile.

The wife of Jose is the figure that I ask for that she gives more attention, if to want is clearly! Because this is a strong woman of character and always speaks in incisive way, its yes was yes, its was not a not extreme, inflexible and cruel one. Dressmaker of profession abandons the profession to also take care of of the son oldest and because she did not obtain to find nobody reliable that it took care of of the son, always was distrustful perhaps and rare it trusted the people, did not trust nor Jose, this we will see ahead. This is the family Hisses, this is the family of Jose, this is its cerne of existence. On Jose, I say that he is a man of 37 years, as said above He is shy, never liked to talk in the sobriety state, but it adored a colloquy since that there our protagonist was drunk yes if she metamorphose in an excellent orator, counted to anecdotes, estrias of its youth, estrias with prostitutes, but when he was not drunk he was been silent as a rat who runs away from a cat, prevented colloquies, prevented social contacts, was absent in parties of the family, parties in its church (he is catholic) not to be the party of Expedito Saint, saint that is devoted and that it keeps to an affection and enormous affection.