Dec 31

Banco Central

The first incursions obeyed to the desire to find gold and as they failed in their search, since Venezuela had few mines in the accessible parts, arose the myth of El Dorado and the mysterious city of Manoa possibly invented by the Indians to keep away the conquerors. () Depons affirmed at the beginning of the last century (19th) that the greatest advantage enjoyed by the provinces of Caracas is not have mines in exploitation. Profound observation of Depons () that inevitably brings to mind, with all its profound meaning, the imprecation: mercy, oil! () about the negative aspects of oil exploitation (Vandellos, quoted by D Ascoli, 1970, pp. 45-46). Dead pit and Maracaibo Oil Company try to a reflection.

And because we understand now – begins to understand the object in this case: the attitude and always national collective life – as that which can be knowledge or sensitivity on the part of the subject in this case: the same collective, always national. That is, collective fact subject and object, collective running vivisection of himself, which is profoundly, that becomes its own voyeur. Dead pit and Maracaibo Oil Company have another point in its favor. They were achievements that preceded the year 1975: year that constitutes a forced reference point to talk about the start of our industry Film. It is time that the Venezuelan cinema begins to produce a significant number of films that combine techniques and aesthetic enough as to enter the competition in the national market (Aguirre y Bisbal, 1980, p. 42). Because before having financial resources and supports public and private, as well as domestic market and the possibility of competing at festivals, cesspool and Maracaibo Oil Company attempted to delve into a subject search for identification of the self. BIBLIOHEMEROGRAFIA Aguirre, j.

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Dec 25

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a car designed for five squares of adults two children, if it’s a seven-seater minivan. This model of cars began to be manufactured in 1974, and has become a reference in the world of motor with more than 227 million units sold. Volkswagen Golf already has four wheel drive, which gives you a strong advantage when it comes to acceleration. Golf is sold in family and three and five-door hatchback versions five doors (called Golf Variant in Europe) and Jetta Variant in America, although there are other related models that might be considered variants, like the Jetta, Golf Plus minivan and the Volkswagen Eos convertible. The golf course has different variants of cars. Since the first Golf I released in 1974, until the current Golf TDI have passed many versions of Golf, to go to refine a model that has become reference in the market of sales and renting of cars in Spain. The main advantages that include users who have had the luck to try golf is your bass consumption, as well as its design, stability, comfort inside etc is very difficult to talk about the technical characteristics of the Golf in general since there are a lot of variants, but for giving some strokes are cars with an engine that can reach in its petrol version up to 250 horsepower TSI version. The Golf brand has been awarded over the years with the car of the year in Europe, the 2009 World car, or best compact sports in 2005. Each reward obtained by different models of Golf.

Dec 17

Geological Development

Slieve League, Donegal, is a clear example of early geological formation.
The oldest rocks in Ireland is 1700 million years old and I was found in age Inishtrahull, an island of the coast of County Donegal. In other parts of Donegal, geologists have found rocks that started as glacial deposits formed during the ice age, which verifies the fact that Ireland was completely covered by an ice mass during the period in question.
At the end of the Precambrian, for about 600 million years, the land mass that would have evolved after the island of Ireland would be divided into two, being a part in western Iapetus Ocean and the other to the east, two more at about the latitude at which South Africa is today. Almost certainly, they were below sea level, as evidenced by many marine fossils found on Bray Head in County Wicklow.
Over 50 million years, these two land masses came into collision, and then join approximately 440 million years. This is evidenced by the numerous fossils of life forms both coastal masses, found near Clogher Head, County Louth. The mountains of northwest Ireland are the result of this collision, as well as the granite formations of Donegal and Wicklow.
At this time, the Irish land was above sea level and was located near the equator. This theory is based on the findings of fossil remains of life forms that period, as of fossilized trees Kiltorcan in County Kilkenny, in the footsteps of amphibian beings Valentia Island, County Kerry, or molluscs freshwater. The red sandstone typical of some areas are also formed during this period.
Makes between 400 and 300 million years, North-western Europe was plunged into a warm sea and rich in calcium. Were formed by large coral reefs that, in turn, created the basis for the formation of limestone, which now make up nearly 65 of Irish territory. With falling water, appeared vast tropical forests and swamps that, over the centuries and through his burial and subsequent putrefaction of organic material, resulted in a considerable amount of carbon. This period, called the Carboniferous therefore, is characterized by earthquakes that resulted in the formation of the mountainous and hilly areas in the northeast and southwest of the island.
The karst landscape in the Burren
Ireland goes well, 250 million years ago, the current latitude of Egypt, then taking a desert climate that contributed to the erosion of land consisting of coal and sandstone rocks. The thin layer of calcareous rocks from the south of the country was also affected by this erosion. The disappearance of the sandstone in some areas and the exposure of limestone to carbon dioxide led to the formation of karst landscapes individuals, all of them, one is almost intact, and The Burren in County Clare, instead formed by a cracked limestone soils of remarkable dimensions. Also, several areas of the nearby Aran Islands show this kind of geological formation.
Shortly after this period and due to organic decomposition that took place in the seas, were formed the oil and natural gas that today play an important role in the economy of the Irish nation. After Ireland became a wreck, but this time in a sea rich in calcareous compounds. Heating costs are reduced with a leading New York ESCO. You can find traces of mineral chalk, a product of this immersion in subestratos land of the north, covered by basaltic rocks formed 65 million years ago by volcanic activity.
Testimony of this activity are the mountains of Morne mountain and other formations of the north of Ireland. The vulcanism brought back a warm climate, thus encouraging the development of vegetation. The plant would then lignite deposits (especially in the county of Antrim, where they remain intact). Warm climatic conditions produced an increase in rainfall that accelerated processes of erosion and formation of karst landscapes.
25 million years ago, the island was already close to its current position. The mantle rock was already covered by a considerable layer of soil, through the long and continuous erosion. In areas with good drainage, the rock layer was covered by soil or dark gray, and in areas with poor drainage domino black.
Until 1.7 billion years, Earth was subjected to continuous fluctuations between warm eras and cold eras, which significantly impacted upon Ireland. Of particular note is the ice age, I think that particular figures geological features of the Irish landscape today, as the Drumlin the esker, glacial valleys such as Glendalough or Glengesh and Corrie.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Kalmar, Sweden – While a fraction of the size of Chicago, this industrial city in the southeast of Sweden has many similarities with it, including a long, snowy winter and the town football team loves.

Dec 10


Mexico with a darker picture Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 28, 2009 when earlier this year the Minister of Finance of Mexico, Agustin Carstens stated that its forecast of growth of the Mexican economy for the current year was zero, few imagined that it was an optimistic prognosis. Like what is observed in the majority of economies, Mexico is no exception, and each new data or economic projection that spreads, turns out to be more pessimistic than the previous. Yesterday the Bank of Mexico unveiled its macroeconomic projections in which stands a projection of growth of the gross domestic product (GDP), negative of between 0.8% and 1.8%. For the Banxico, Mexico cannot prevent economic recession. The fall in the Mexican GDP won’t be free, but it will have a significant impact on the level of employment.

In this international recessive context, the Central Bank also predicted that in 2009 will be lost in Mexico between 160,000 and 340,000 jobs. The decline in the projected growth for this year responds to continuity of the weakening of domestic demand (specifically, consumption and private investment), both external demand. In this latest deterioration is reflected in the outcome of trade balance. The deficit in the trade balance in Mexico during 2008 increased by 50.4% to reach US $16.838 million. The same turns out to be the largest deficit since 1995. The fall in the price of petroleum products during the latter part of the year, has significantly influenced this deficit. To make matters worse, the prospects for the price of oil for this year aren’t all positive, which joins an expected weak demand in the rest of the goods and services exported by Mexico. If the deterioration in the trade balance implies a lower net supply of dollars in the Mexican exchange market, it has been reduced even further with the fall in remittances.

Dec 04

Southwest Airlines

Obviously, if everybody tries to do the same, the escalation will never end: the sky will be the limit. This It is because not everyone can protect or immunize fully against increases in the price of oil. That is the greatest threat. Adds Henisz, which must also be uncertainty by the demand side. How much grow demand in China, the India and other countries of the world? Siegel adds another aspect that is important, as where there is a very thin line between speculation and buying for a future that will be much more expensive.

I think that people realize how important that is hoarding some assets of petroleum producers in their portfolios. If everyone thinks this way, its price will rise. It is not only speculators who make the price goes up. It’s a scarce resource that the world uses increasingly more and more quickly. The panic that oil rises ever plan for heaven and this is what is generating increases. Meanwhile Henisz: indicates, if you study the probability that a country fails to produce, the substantial increase in the price of oil is a factor with the that people is counting. Is it speculation or coverage? When Southwest Airlines covers your future supply of petroleum is considered that it is acting intelligently against other airlines. That is not speculation; It is coverage. It is very important to take into account with regard to increases in the prices of oil, that this is not only a problem of the United States and its impact it may be generating in its economy, with the devaluation of the dollar, since as indicated by Siegel, the problem is global, carriers in the United Kingdom currently threaten to go on strike because the price of gasoline has increased greatly and they can not move that increase costs as easily as in the United States.