Nov 28

Alkylation Process

* Cracking (cracking): In oil refining cracking processes break down the molecules of heavier hydrocarbons (high boiling point) in more light as gasoline and diesel products. These processes include catalytic cracking, hydrocracking and thermal cracking. * Alkylation: (Molecules and chemical compounds) olefins such as propylene and butylene are produced by the catalytic and thermal cracking. Alkylation refers to the chemical union of these light molecules with Isobutane to form larger molecules in a branched chain (isoparaffins) forming to produce a high octane gasoline. * Isomerization: Isomerization refers to the chemical reorganization of linear chain (paraffin) hydrocarbons, by containing ramifications attached to the main chain (isoparaffins). This process is achieved through normal butane with a little hydrogen and chlorine mixture and let it react in the presence of a catalyst to form plus a small amount of normal butane, isobutane and some lighter gases.

The products are separated in a fractionator. The lighter gases are used as fuel refinery and butane recycled as food. * Polymerisation: Low pressure and temperature, over an acid catalyst, the light of unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules react and combine together to form larger hydrocarbon molecules. This process with oil supplies can be used to react butenos (olefins with four carbon atoms molecules) with iso-butane (branched molecules of paraffin, or isoparaffins, containing four carbon atoms) to obtain a high octane gasoline. * Hidrotratamientos: the Hydrotreating is a way to eliminate many of the pollutants of many intermediates or end obtained from the petroleum refining process. In the hydrotreating process, the raw material that enters is mixed with hydrogen and heats up to 300 380oC. The oil combined with hydrogen then enters a reactor loaded with a catalyst which promotes several reactions.

Nov 21

Colina Services

Would require competition a lot of personnel both for increasing and improving infrastructure (hotels, access roads, telecommunications, etc.), provide multiple types of services, provide security to the tourists, etc. so this economic sector could be one of the most efficient tools to combat poverty and stimulate the economia.* in a country with so many attractions and market niches to exploit in this industryan effective tourist marketing, led and driven by State policies with strategic vision and long-term, you could place tourism as the main economic activity not petrolera.* train and employ the young Venezuelan population according to profile that generally requires personnel working offering service to the public in various tour operators will increase your quality of vida.* an effective combination of strategies related to pricing, distribution, advertising and the products and services will result in the increase of the competitiveness of our country in an industry that at the global level It moves billions of dollars each year. That in turn would represent an important reduction of dependence on a single productive sector (the tanker). You should lead to better care and service to the customer, providing you with all such necessary collaboration that allows you to enjoy their investments in pro get an enjoyment suitable to what your needs are demanding. Take into account that for example reminds us of Juan Manuel de la Colina, with regard to be attentive about the characteristics of the product as it is What is offered as enjoyment, the same product that is promoted, its impact, scope, namely: 1. intangibility. Keep in mind, that tourist products have some tangible components and other intangibles.

Tangibility is observed in the bed of a hotel, overbooking, the quality of the food. The tourism itself, product is the tangible as it is offered by the company of tourist services. Invisibility is inferred from the fact that the characteristics of the components of a tourist product may not test through the senses.

Nov 14

National Assembly

Some serious and responsible refuse to in the Brion de Chacaito square are set the plate that says: here is buried the second great wave student. It was with buttocks in the air. The great paradox is a country where nothing happens and, at the same time, everything happens. Nothing happens because the regime is a specialist in petroleum jelly. Do not pass anything because there is no resistance, because the so-called opposition is banal, electoral, accomplice, stupid and Procuress.

The LOE was harmless? The new Electoral law irrelevant? Are the militias not the official establishment of internal violent repression? The list could fill entire pages. II line of abstention in solitude is meaningless. If it were here decided not to participate in the legislative elections it would be as a result of a kick to the polling station and would imply the decision not to go to the presidential elections of 2012. The approach to change this line would have to be preceded by profound changes in the electoral system, the conviction that there would be powerful factors willing to do recognize the result or the belief that it would be the final puntillazo to the regime. We already have the precedent of legislative passes where the delegitimization of a National Assembly was obtained without that nobody passes the invoice, while came spurting candidates proclaimed presidential candidates and ruin the effect, which concluded with the candidacy of Manuel Rosales.

The electioneering line in solitude is meaningless. Goes to elections by banal arguments, like that of the need to take advantage of all the spaces, that it is necessary to have a parliamentary quota, all under absolute oblivion of resistance to the dictatorship that leaves no day Virgin in jorungar the rights of Venezuelans. Go to elections by going to elections, without exerting any resistance, without fighting the regime, is a clear demonstration of Collaborationism.

Nov 08

Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is often abbreviated as LPG. Propane, butane, isobutane and all these types of gases fall into this category. When one sufficient amount of pressure is added to these gases, they become liquid. If it wasn’t for that pressure that turns them into liquids to store in special containers, LPG evaporaria quickly. These gases can be used as a primary fuel, since they are an essential part of the petroleum products, but often are considered alternative fuels. Use in any of the cases is due in large part to Dr. Walter Snelling, who was the first to receive a patent for its production. Before his experimentation, these gases were viewed as a problem for the oil industry since they were seen as waste products.

The various types of LPG can be mixed in different proportions. This is usually determined by the form in which the product is to be used. The environment in which these products from petroleum always will be used plays an important role. When an LPG is used in a cold environment, for example, it is essential to use a large number of propane gas. Propane is considered as the best of liquefied petroleum gas for use in low temperatures. Even when temperatures have fallen well below zero, the gas can still steaming and catch fire easily. Although it is generally more versatile than fossil fuels commonly referred to, the liquefied petroleum gas is also a fossil fuel.

It can be removed when the oil or natural gas is extracted from the Earth. It can also be produced by refining of natural gas or petroleum refining. Even when production is not intentional, the LPG is produced as a by-product when other fossil combustibles are manufactured. Another advantage of the liquefied petroleum gas is that it is more eco-friendly than many other options. It burns without soot. In addition, it produces no problematic emissions that often are the cause of the controversy of the greenhouse created by other fossil fuels. By Moreover, since it is not a water soluble gas and evaporates so quickly, their use do not represent a threat of water pollution.These gases are used for various purposes. Butane is often used in lighters. The propane is stored in tanks that can be implemented for different functions. These include portable cooking stoves, heaters, and water heaters. Some vehicles also have the ability to operate with LPG. There are advantages in this regard, because it can offer a longer life to the sparkplughcap on the engine and reduces corrosion. Another attractive advantages for the use of liquefied petroleum gas in cars is that in most places, this type of gas tends to be more barat than traditional fossil fuels.