Oct 26

Native Amazon

The native Amazon is considered long since as a citizen without rights, your life is not worth the same as the Lima, of the arequipeno, deceives them is, with palliatives, but is does nothing to lift them out of poverty, of the delays of the abandonment. The State must build on their communities, schools, hospitals, rural housing sets, carry drinking water, electric power, build pisicgranjas, training centres: carpentry, farming, agriculture, reforestation, veterinary, technical enfermria, put police, so that these towns without abandoning their land, their communities see progress and stop their protests, which are fair. If the Peruvian State continues becoming deaf, ignoring these communities, tries to sell them their land to oil companies, so they destroy them by exploiting petroleum, is will comply the prophecy of Manuel Gonzales Prada: tomorrow, when waves of proletarians who are released to ramming against the walls of the old society arise, predators and oppressors palparan that it came time of the decisive battle and without quarter. They appeal to their armies, but the soldiers counted the number of rebels; They cry to heaven, but their gods remain deaf and dumb. They then flee to fortify in castles and palaces, believing that any party shall come them some relief. To see that the aid does not reach and the swell of threatening heads boiled in the four points of the horizon, they look upon the faces and feeling mercy on themselves (which never felt anyone’s) repeated with horror: it is the flooding of the barbarians!

Oct 19

Amazon Resource

It’s kill or be killed for oil, to continue living; and, as I told you, nobody asks permission to live, much less if it’s an empire, of a system established powers and submissions, powered by the fuel call of the devil. Is not difficult to barruntar which, if in addition to the oil are posesionan (a huge Amazon Resource), here there is enough fuel to extend life as crazed Empire. It is the war, therefore no remaining doubts. There is no other way of confrontation, unfortunately for the dreamers. It is Empire or not is, and this implies a vital match in all being. No one removes the fuel to a life without war and, even, on the assumption that petroleum is today ended suddenly, the United States hardly realized meekly so that others occupy their annihilated hegemonies.

Then will have fallen in a structural break economico-ideologico (as already begins to have signs of this with the capitalist decadence), giving way to what remains of both fight for spaces and their resources from past centuries: the weapons, the war, until the world assume their new order. And nuclear weapons, to be exact, entering already, with all semantics, the complete Nuclear was. (The wars in the world are inevitable, because they constitute the space and time of a critical, social realignment, Economic and ideological). See Northern concern as well: in 1970 the United States produced from their own harvest more than 10 million barrels a day; today is barely 5. They have reserves in the order of 16 billion, and it consumes annually 7.3 billion, i.e. two approximate years of subsistence. Daily swallow 19 million barrels and, as I told you, produces 5! Wow, anyone is scared and pertrecha, knowing that a devastating OGRE is known with poor life expectancy, subtracting nomas as the survival argument his own condition of OGRE equipped with weapons! There is no syllogistic problem (already it is a common place, as I said) in imagine that, pure life, eager to needy of porvenir, tipping towards us, flooded regionally as we are oil and with an insondada Amanzonia.

Oct 13

El Raval De Barcelona

Barcelona's El Raval neighborhood has had many names and different faces: Red Light District, Chinatown, Little Islamabad, Arrabal, Ravalkistan, Rawal … past, the Raval was the neighborhood outside the walls of Barcelona: a seedy port district, full of drugs , criminals and prostitutes, also home to immigrants. Raval and marginality were synonymous, but it is precisely this characteristic that gave the neighborhood its existing charm and character. Today, the Raval is one of the most emblematic of Barcelona. Is the fashion district and as such, has a huge range of culture and leisure: bars, pubs and clubs as fashion, ethnic or fusion restaurants, shawarma on every corner, museums and art galleries … The entertainment over night in the city have settled in the area and live with vestiges of Raval.

Despite the makeover, in the Raval guess still remains what it was: a neighborhood of immigrants, women of ill repute and some crime … La Rambla del Raval is a new space gained the neighborhood. This is a lovely avenue, dominated by locals and people of Arab origin. Hence, the neighborhood was known as Little as Ravalquistan or Islamabad. El Raval is populated by families of foreigners, particularly from Morocco, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and countries of South and Central America.

In contrast, the upper Raval is the cultural center of the neighborhood and Barcelona. sta home to several universities, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Barcelona (MACBA) and the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, the FAD (Promotion of Decorative Arts), and small art galleries. One of the emblematic streets of the district is Calle de la Cera. Formerly lived on this street many Gypsies and became famous because there was born the famous rumba catalana. Its name comes from the rivers of wax that is formed because of the many candles placed before the Virgin of the street to protect against plague. The bar Marseille, Carrer Sant Pau, is a must. At the beginning of the century was a distinguished coffee upper-class snobs, but eventually became the epicenter of the alternate life. Another of the treasures of Sant Pau Street decorations are beautiful modernist rooms at the Hostal Spain, the work of Domenech i Muntaner. El Raval is certainly a fascinating area. Find out through its small and narrow streets, or as they say in Barcelona, "Raval". Rent to discover the taste of a mythical neighborhood, El Raval.

Oct 12

EGO People

When I am a person that I reached a high level pertaining to school, frequentei the best schools, concluding until a university course e, developed an enlightening awareness e, leaves the alienation, that is, it evolves, I am more responsible not to commit errors. I do not know who cismou to place the name of ' ' pecado' ' with a pejorativo direction of these committed acts to harm not my person more the GOD! In the truth, to recognize that errors are only teachings to look the rightness, so to speak, makes in them to feel how much people exist that intimidate the EGO, the ID and the SUPEREGO, do not know well to explain, more know to feel clearly (…) that, with FREUD or without FREUD my conscience imposes to my common-sense the responsibility of that, if only one minority can consume and invest in feeding, comfort and until superfluous, that somebody go to be ' ' to see navios' '. These people do not go to feed themselves well and nor to have a comfort at least the basic one to survive, go with certainty to diminish the sales in the store, in supermarkets. However! if they exist a population of a thousand people and only three hundred consume and have access to the commercial centers, and the seven hundred are in the peripheral immediacy of the poverty, as will go to form greater capitals to be able to supply a positive income to the safes, if they had inverted the production? Well now let us see the consumption explosion and satisfaction that we can sees and to feel in the people if; they eixstem a thousand e, all a thousand consume the necessary one and can pay and the commerce will go to always remain itself vendendo and all will go to work and to eat. This we call that? Release of being able to supply the necessities or concentration of wealth at the hands of a minority? Or of; sin because those that had been in the marginality will go to steal to lose its dignity? Or it loses of ' ' moral' ' of that they had lost the power? I wait that let us can reflect on this question that had invented to call ' ' pecado' ' , therefore the sin alone exists in the head of the prejudiced ones that they had invented these preliminary to remain itself in the power, more to be looked at well with the eyes of the conscience these mias creatures are not nothing and nothing less of what FALSE MORALISTAS and MANIPULATORS of the opinion already, that they sacreficam weakkest being those that would have more to be protected and not to be condemned as pecadores. more ridicule of everything still discriminated as those that are disliking the GOD. The conscience lack destre deeply itself exactly.

They forget the intimidations that GOD is in the way of this sujeirada all. GODS or JESUSES already had made its parts, now wait that let us make ours. We are in the NEW AGE and it he represents the meeting of each I I obtain exactly, therefore he is in this meeting that we will go to understand what the SPIRIT is capable, always was, plus everything he has its hour and its moment. We go to make ours NOW?

Oct 06

Valencia: Paella, Horchata And Other Delicatessen

Valencian cuisine is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, which draws the best natural products from the garden or the sea, such as seafood, fruits and vegetables and wine. All of it is a celebration of flavors and textures, and exquisite. But without a doubt, the star is the paella Valenciana, a true national symbol. Although many dishes and recipes, rice is the star of the menu. But the Valencian rice is much more than just a monotonous succession of paella, as it is prepared in countless ways. Many cooks claim that the original recipe of paella was made with chicken, snails and vegetables (the Valencian Paella) but there are many other ways to prepare with very different ingredients. The most common Paella Marinera may be made with seafood, fish, vegetables and saffron.

If you add all this chicken would be a Paella Mixta. Still, the paella life has diverged in many other dishes: ARRS negre " (Rice with squid ink), "ARRS fesols i amb naps" (rice with beans and turnip), "ARRS a banda" (rice with seafood), "ARRS amb Bled" (rice with spinach) or "ARRS al forn" (baked rice). It is worth special mention fideua, prepared like paella, but using noodles instead of rice and adding garlic. Besides rice, the Valencian cuisine has many other specialties as the "all-i-pebre d'eels (eel stew, garlic and pepper), the esgarrat" (roasted red pepper, salt cod and olive oil), the " suc de peix "(made from fish, olive oil, garlic, onion and parsley), and" titaina "(a recipe of vegetables, nuts, spices and tuna). Valencian Desserts are also varied and delicious, many of them inherited Moorish culture: the traditional pumpkin fritters with chocolate, "arnadi, made with canned pumpkin, yams and almond …

Other desserts are very much appreciated the" rosegons ", the" i talladetes arrop, or pasta made with extract of sweet potato or pumpkin. In addition, Valencia has the best oranges in the country, nationally famous and exported all over Spain. There are two typical drinks in the region: the horchata, a refreshing drink extracted from the plant of groundnut, and Agua de Valencia, a combination of champagne and orange juice. To make matters worse, can boast of its excellent selection of wines: red wine Requena, Utiel and Field and white wine Lliria Alto Turia and foothills areas is no doubt that Valencia is a great gastronomic capital. Discover what is cooked in its kitchens and rent to enjoy the best accommodation.

Oct 06

Vacations Without Misfortunes

We love the vacations. We wait for all the year by them, we saved, and we almost cannot wait for until they arrive. But when they arrive, also they bring with them many headaches. For that reason, it is important to know how to organize itself to enjoy that period totally. Down you see some tracks of how avoiding problems in your vacations without mishaps. 1. It travels weighs: it takes the smaller amount of possible luggage, taking care of so that the pieces guarantee variable combinations and leaving a space for purchases of gifts and suvenires.

2. Preprate for the destiny: your luggage varies in agreement with the time of the year in which trips (remembers that if you go to another hemisphere the stations of the year are inverse), as well as the prices of the lodging. Infrmate in advance to avoid disagreeable surprises. 3. Organzate: if you travel from Spain, flights to Madrid are fast and cheaper than others, and it is possible to be bought to them with smaller advance.

Already those of long distance, like flights to New York, last many hours and is important to be preparation: if you already know that you have difficulties it stops to sleep, takes to a book or another thing for entretenerte, and tries some times levantarte and to give to strolls by the corridors of the airplane, thus active the circulation of the blood in the legs. 4. Adelntate: nothing is lost arriving in advance at the commitments, for that reason if you are going to take an airplane, infrmate of the schedule that you must appear to the airport and arrives previously. Thus you enjoy a margin of time for the case that you have problems with the traffic and desire in tranquillity. 5. Tranquilzate: the vacations must be enjoyed in their totality. If or you begin nervous, is a great possibility of engrandezcas problemillas that they appear or you see difficulties where they do not exist. It looks for to read with well-taken care of all the information and to organize your time so that you can fulfill all the tasks without stress.