Jul 27

United States

And here worth? do here yes?! the loas of reactivation of the aforesaid selfish gene, already faced with a threat of death of the species! Cry out for the world and discover that there is no soul, it must have an overwhelming capacity of perception of reality, spurred by the idea that lives in the midst of a war, as it has been the profile that has been given to humanity by response. But there is no world, this (and goes with the izquierditas naive), as dramatic syllogism of the actual fact of military bases installed in Colombian land: the world is much closer to remain without oil what is recognized in official calculations (1). USA is the industrialized country greater oil dependency and greater energy in the world, its oil reserves, to use them, they would meet for two years; i.e., it has 16 billion barrels in reserves and consumes 7.3 billion per year (2). Unemployment in its economically active population marks already 10%, i.e. about 14 million citizens (3). Government data indicate that nearly 50 million Americans (including 25% of children) struggled to get enough to eat last year (4).

Understand that neoliberal life system is a human fiasco, and human fiasco to fanaticism and annihilation. Knowing, for example, that it is possible to alleviate the problem of hunger in the world, with half of the resources injected into the banks is a monstrosity that has no name when not it arouses neither action nor conscience. Venezuela is the country with largest After the same U.S. gas reserves. Venezuela is the world’s largest oil field: 314 billion barrels in reserves, exceeding the Saudi Arabia (5).

U.S. installs six military bases adjacent to Venezuela, to reach the top of 872 bases distributed in 46 countries of the world (6). One of them, that of Palanquero, complies with all the requirements for assuming virtually as the American gateway not only for Venezuela, but for the continent. Due to the fact that seems to be an imperial same for political rights, even with its exemplary critical defects in the present, and there is the perception of existence of world to the left (in the sense of the discussion, and with the permission of the plural), would not be basically advisable to ask what comes? Notes: (1) reporting: oil level is closer to diminish what indicate the forecasts from the IEA Online. On Democracy Now! 10 nov 2009. Display 8. . Query: 19 nov 2009. (2) United States militarily surrounds Venezuela because of its oil reserves Online. In Bolivarian news agency. 19 oct 2009. First screen. . Query: 19 nov 2009 (3) Marcelo fair: invisible crises Online. In daily Gramma. 18 sept 2009. 2nd screen. . Query: 19 nov 2009. (4) The Government report: 25% of American children went hungry last year on line. On Democracy Now! 17 nov 2009. 2nd screen. . Query: 19 nov 2009. (5) Venezuela moves into first place in the planet’s proven reserves of petroleum Online. In Aporrea.org taken from Bolivarian news agency. 13 Aug 2009. 1st screen. . Query: 19 nov 2009. (6) Alfredo Jalife Rahme: Las 886 databases EU 40 countries more seven of Colombia en linea. In Aporrea.org. 9 Aug 2009. 3rd screen. . Query: 19 nov 2009. Original author and source of the article.

Jul 20

United Arab Emirates

The answer seems so disproportionate as the NATO intervention, which begins to deploy forces and respond with force the pirate attacks. But is at stake oil that goes to Africa from Iraq and the Arabian peninsula as well as the ships of goods ranging from Asia to Europe. If we draw a box extending from Eastern Europe to India on a map, we can see everything that is at stake. Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, the Red Sea and, on the other hand, the Arabian peninsula (Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine); towards the Northeast, Iran, Pakistan everything is in this area of the planet, conflicting since the last century, when Great Britain topped the fever of petroleum in the world economy. The activity of pirates also affects the fishing sector. Not only because of the reduction in volume of catches, but also by the increase in the prices of insurance and loss of goods. For some Spanish fishing companies, tuna in Somali waters season represents 35% of their income. The military responses weaken rather than cooperate to restore and rebuild failed States, sources of cross-border wars, displacement of refugees and extreme poverty.

In principle, multiply by thirteen energy produced in the Rift Valley is presented as something positive, when investments are accompanied by the construction of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure for the inhabitants of the area. It would be absurd for the World Bank to support a project to produce energy but that there was no economic activity that consume it. The bankruptcy of a State does not authorize the humanitarian military intervention that has been preparing us the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner. Except that the instability of the area will benefit someone, the best answer lies in effective cooperation to bring water to an area hit by drought, to promote the economic activity and give jobs to the young, more irritable and manipulated for violence when his life is to wait.

Jul 14


Years ago, days before you were born, one morning, I woke up early, but it is very early, that day I returned to Trujillo, worked in the Oriental Nor forest, close to the border with Colombia, in Geosource, a French company petroleum Explorer and when the slider, that I was carrying, walked the mythical Corrientes River, tributary of the Amazon, I had been thinking in those 6 hours of tortuous journeyfull of dangers and unknown animals, until an oil well called trumpeters, I came thinking that name I will give you if it is a girl?, because if it was born child would indeed call is Miguel, in such year not we did you ultrasound to pregnant, that would put you another name – I thought – that indeed would be pillar, because I’m a fan of recognizing the great miracle of pregnancy and childbirth that the daughters should be called as the motheras a tribute alive and fair, good that thought, in those 6 long hours of travel, in this mighty river, full of Piranhas and huge trunks floating, with heart in hand, and rain up until around 4 in the afternoon, I arrived at the helipad of trumpeters, hence I boarded a helicopter that would take me 1 hour to the city of Iquitos, at that time advised by the Lions and Jaguars, the tinamous and apes, embraced by las brisas and la Selva rain, breathing the esoteric and mysterious air of the jungle is that I heard I don’t know where a voice which said. ponle Karin Karin del Pilar!, and again I heard those voices that so shouted in chorus then travel by plane from Iquitos to Lima, and then in Chincha yours from Lima to Trujillo at dawn on 15 October I arrived Av. Larco and told your mother Karin de el Pilar will be called!She smiled and accepted, at that time towards what I said and did, when Dr. Luis Fernandez Molinari, you took out of the pregnant uterus exclaimed little is woman!, ready said will be called the pillar KARIN! so I recommend the warlike atmosphere of the jungle, by something it will be and something was, time later I knew that Karin in a German derivative which means strong steel and so it was, life provided you several tests where you demostrarias that your name and go you that showed, the accident, the loss of our unforgettable Natalie del Pilar, your trip to Mexico from very tender, diseases of MOM and dad and so many tests where you have left indelible your force signature, your thrust, your faith, your perseverance that we are proud, do that father not feel proud of a daughter as well?, we are happy and proud of you, we have not ploughed in the desert, you’re the prototype of a good daughter that if touched us die today would die happy, but we will still live much more do not hesitate!