Feb 15

Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien Hotel

Not many cities in the world with such a rich history as Vienna. This is reflected in the history of some of its hotels, which were once magnificent palaces, belonged to noble birth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Location of the hotel Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien in Vienna, such hotels around fifteen. One of them in this brilliant collection stands out. Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien form two palaces: "Henckel von Donnersmarck (Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck) and Leytenberger (Palais Leitenberger). Hotel costs on the famous Ringstrasse ring (Ringstrasse), encircling the historic part of town, where until 1857 held the city walls. Actually it's not street Ringstrasse, a beautiful boulevard along which housed public buildings, palaces, historic hotels, squares, parks and monuments. He has a horseshoe shape at the top of which stands the Hofburg (Hofburg), and the parties went to the Danube.

Ringstrasse is not always possible to find on a map of the capital, because it is somewhere from ten separate sections, each with its own name: Burgring, Openring, Schubertring etc. They then mapped. At Parkring (Parkring), along which the outer sides of the ring is located City Park (Stadtpark), is Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien. Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien Today Today, both the palace are the hotel for 247 rooms, including 31 "royal" and 43 suites, some of which have two floors, the largest of them – the presidential suite on the sixth floor area of 168 sq.m. with four bedrooms. All bathrooms have heated floors.