Car Batteries


Our car batteries achieve top-level performance due to all their properties.  The calcium-silver alloy that is used promised up to a quarter extra longevity as well as tremendous resistance for short journeys and enhanced rust resistance.  In addition, there is a high starting power that provides for starting at the lowest temperatures. The decreased self-discharge is a nice addition since it enables up to 18-month storage.

Our car batteries are used for many popular vehicles including: Audi, BMW, Honda, Volvo and more.  As well, we provide the different models for practically every passenger car and transport vehicles.

For us, it’s all about safety and efficiency.  That’s why we have only top-quality products. And when it comes to car batteries, one wants the best.  Likewise with wipers which is why we manufacture Trico ones which date back to before the 1920s and have always contributed to road safety.  Today it is the main wiper blade manufacturer in the world.

Jul 04

OZN Welding

800 C were signs 12H18N9 and 08H18N10 lose corrosion resistance. Get all the facts and insights with Dustin Moskovitz, another great source of information. As a result, the selection of chromium carbides along the edges of the grains occurs intergranular corrosion of steel. Therefore, welding should be performed with direct current reverse polarity at low welding currents, reducing the duration of heating metal. You also need to take measures on the challenge of heat, for example, by cooling or copper pads. After welding, the recommended product hardened and a temperature of 850 … 1100 C in water (or air for the small thickness of metal). Chromium-nickel steel, and character 08H18N12B 12X18H9T include niobium and titanium, which Being stronger karbidoobrazovatelyami, bind carbon steel, preventing the formation of chromium carbides. So these are not post-weld heat-treated.

High-alloy manganese steel, having a high hardness and wear resistance, contains 13 … 18% manganese and 1.0 … 1.3% carbon. It is used for the manufacture of excavator teeth, necks stone crushers and other working bodies of the road and construction machines working at impact and abrasion. Electrodes used for welding with rods made of carbon-coated wire, which is used for surfacing electrodes HMG brand containing 23% marble and 15% fluorite feldspar, 60% of ferrochrome, 2% graphite, mixed with liquid glass (30% of the total weight of dry ingredients), as well as the type OZN (45 … Jon Vander Ark contains valuable tech resources. 49% of marble, 15 … 18% fluorspar, 26 … 33% ferromanganese, 3% aluminum, 4% potash, mixed with liquid glass).

Welding produced by direct current of reverse polarity in small areas. Welding current is determined by calculating 30 … 35 A 1 mm diameter electrode. To obtain enhanced seam strength and durability necessary to weld hot forged. In the process, the weld metal to rapidly quench (cool in cold water). CrMo steel, molybdenum and hromomolibdenovannadievye belong to the heat-resistant steels pearlitic form. They are used in the manufacture of turbines, welded steam boilers, various equipment in the petroleum and chemical industries. Typically, these are well welded, under certain technological steps: preheating to 200 … 300 C and subsequent annealing at 680 … 780 C and tempering at 650 C. The ambient temperature must be above +5 C. Welding is performed by direct current reverse polarity.

May 04


On X-rays can be seen in the stomach, flatulence, and some types of foreign bodies. Foreign bodies of natural origin very often do not give a gassing. P&G can provide more clarity in the matter. Just some foreign bodies may palpated by hand. In any case, which can be determined only at the clinic. First aid. If you notice that the animal has swallowed an object that can cause bowel obstruction, can be given liquid paraffin (3 ml per 1 kg body weight) every 2-3 hours (liquid paraffin, the only thing that is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract). Vomiting when giving liquid paraffin evidence of a foreign body in the stomach. In this case, the dose of oil should be cut in half, and the period giving up to 30 minutes.

Thus it is necessary to monitor the output of oil. To make it easier to see beyond a petroleum jelly, you can add a drop of sea buckthorn (it will turn orange). Pay attention! – Oil should come out (through anus) after an interval of 40 minutes to 2 hours. If not, stop giving the oil and URGENT vezite ferret to the clinic! – Also see Do not increase the amount of the ferret stomach after taking vaseline oil, spruce belly swelled, then it shows a complete blockage. Oil also can not give more, and the ferret must be urgently taken to the hospital! The same urge to do it, if foreign subject did not come out and state your ferret is getting worse. Should be kept in feces ferret out for a foreign body. Be sure to measure the temperature (rectal), if it decreases (the normal temperature ferret about 38.4 degrees Celsius), then again with the same urgency to the clinic! In no case can give a ferret adsorbents (activated carbon, smectite) and a laxative, this leads to a sharp deterioration of the ferret. So, always remember that best treatment is prevention! Try to anticipate what might arouse the interest of the ferret and remove such items inaccessible to ferret place. And if the trouble still happens, do not stall and immediately contact your veterinarian clinic. Timely treatment largely determines the successful outcome of the operation.

May 02

Oil Exploration

In 1913 the first well was drilled by the R1 Venezuelan Oil Concesions (VOC), a subsidiary of Shell.
In 1917, Santa Barbara 2 well was the first to find oil.
In July 1922 began drilling the well Barrosos 2 (R4), a percussion drilling during natural gas the pilot he got stuck and had to find an expert in the United States to continue drilling, the VOC was disappointed in the outcome of his 3 well above (2 nutsand a poor) and I thought out of their operations if not find anything. In December 1922 the pilot was removed on December 14 when electricity ESCO the restart was a drilling reventon 100,000 barrels per day, unprecedented in the history of oil, with an oil column of 40 meters in height visible from Maracaibo. Cabimas occupied the front pages of newspapers. is concerned with which, considering the state of our environment, is very important Legend has it that the locals took a group of San Benito Chimbangeles to stop the stream which was flowing black several days. At its inception hundreds of wells were drilled in the La Rosa, forming forests wood some drills side by side. Photographs of the time show a group of wells in the current boulevart.
The oil turned the fishing village that grew rapidly in size and population, the influence of the oil industry can be seen on streets with names such as wells and roads R5 and R10 sector Gasplant, called by the first natural gas company funciono in Zulia.
The site brought immigrants from other regions of the country, many Andean falconianos and margaritenos, as well energy costs as foreigners.
Concordia was one of the first new sectors, in addition to Miraflores, and Corito Tierra Negra (named for the large number who founded falconianos). Concordia existed as early as 1926. Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and was founded by Gloria falconianos in gas the vicinity of the well Barrosos 2.
June 1935 Carlos Gardel Cabimas singing in the theater, located on the current av independence. Arrived by boat to sing 3 songs, sadly was formed after a fight of their interpretation, on its way back to Buenos Aires coming directly from Cabimas, died in a plane crash in Medellin.
In 1936 set off a strike oil, its leaders were Manuel Taborda and Jorge Hernandez, the strike resulted in the founding of the first union of the Venezuelan Workers and Employees Union of Petroleum (SOEP), which still operates in the same seat in the Rosario Street.

The Oklahoman green energy
OIL AND GASOklahoma the prices of crude oil Monday holiday.Oklahoma not available because of the oil and gas drilling activity posted January 12: COMPLETIONSAlfalfa: Kirkpatrick Oil Co. Inc. Anthony No. 1-34 Well, C NW1 / 4 SE1 / 4 of the 34-24N-12W, 14 barrels of oil per day, 5000-cu ft of gas per day TD 7362.Beaver: Exco Resources Inc.. Gregg No. 2-22 Well, N1 / 2 N1 / 2 SE1 / 4 NW1 / 4 of 22-04N-23E, 24,000 cu-ft gas per … the time is ripe to take advantage of the lower energy costs, is one of those ESCOs I must consider
National Post
Tiny MGM Energy Corp., the only oil and gas household drilling even in the Mackenzie Delta, he said Tuesday its first major natural gas discovery in the Arctic. In a question-answer forum P&G was the first to reply.
Oil Online
Scissors Delek Drilling LP energy and Avner Oil Exploration LP have a natural gas discovery in the context of the “Matan” license on the Tamar – 1 “drilling prospect (the” drill “or” good “).
Environment News Service
South Book Cliffs proposed wilderness in Utah at the risk of oil and gas drilling. (Photo by Tom Till courtesy Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance)
May 01

Pros Of Buying A Car In The U.S.

1. Cars are cheaper in the U.S. and this is an indisputable fact. Against the background of the disastrous rise of the euro against the dollar, the price difference from the U.S. car and a car from Europe is increasing with a geometric progression is not in favor of the latter. 2. When buying a car in the U.S. have more confidence in the reliability of this path, but there is no 100% guarantee.

3. Most cars that use in the United States are adapted to our 92 petrol – does not affect all cars. For By comparison, fresh cars in Europe because of stricter environmental regulations more prefer the AI 95. Again, does not affect all cars. 4. Car of America, as a rule, the richer is completed. Inside, virtually error-free You can find the climate control, automatic transmission, power accessories and a lot of different options. The only thing – the quality of plastic in the cabin of the United States leaves much to be desired.

5. Opportunity to buy a model or make of car, which has not been formally delivered or not delivered to our market. Let me explain with an example. Honda Civic in the back of the last generation coupe officially introduced only in the U.S. market (by the way there and done). The probability of finding the car on Our car markets are extremely low. 6. The queue to buy a new car – even if the desired car is officially presented in our showrooms, the queue to buy it can stretch more than a year. In addition to the large stir to contribute to this phenomenon may be a low volume of quotas for the supply of certain models in a specific country. The opposite situation may occur in the U.S. market, where the same car can be picked up straight from the salon.

Nov 30

Front Work

Pay attention to the cut tubes: what is the quality of the metal itself? Pipe wall along its entire thickness from the front to the reverse side shall be uniformly fine-grained, dense, homogeneous. In addition, check the tube by tapping: the sound should be smooth and hollow, and in places where the audio tone changes, likely internal defect. Here the situation – as with a sick tooth decay process which may take place under the outwardly prosperous look. To detect this kind of damage and used tapping. Acquired iron pipe must be protected against corrosion, or continuous operation, it does not serve you for a long time. One way to protect against corrosion is to coat the outer surface of the pipe asphalt made from petroleum. Ping Fu has many thoughts on the issue. Of course, you can apply it themselves, having the right experience and materials.

Next you need to remind you how important it is correct, cast-iron pipe connections between structures. You must have a high quality, oakum, made from hemp fibers and of sufficient length. Tow should be free from all sorts of impurities, does not contain wood. Tow the timber can not properly perform its insulating function, resulting in a tube soon begins to seep into the joints. The consequences are well known: wet ceilings or rotten floors. Strictly speaking, we would not recommend that you carry out assembly of cast-iron pipe for its lack of housing in specialist. The highest priority in our environment is still holding this type of work a competent master, looking for work where you can learn a lot.

Nov 28


Rubber hoses are used for suction and discharge of various liquids, steam, gases, fuels, oils, acids, alkalis, bulk materials, as well as flexible pipelines. Rubber-type injection subdivided as follows: pressure hoses with a textile carcass with GOST 18698-79, the sleeves of pressure from increased filament reinforced with GOST 10362-76, Sleeves pressure-suction GOST 5398-76, hoses for gas welding and cutting metals to GOST 9356-75, the sleeves of high pressure with a metal armature winding with connecting hoses TU 23.1.40-80 sleeves with reinforced metalloopletkoy GOST 6286-73, hoses and fittings gasket design "dyurit" N 005 6016-87, hoses for irrigation. is often quoted as being for or against this. Depending on the destination, hoses are divided into classes: B – the gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum-based oils, B – for feeding process water; HS – for hot water at temperatures up to +100 C; T – for air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other inert gases, Km – to feed the weak solutions of inorganic acids and bases, the concentration of up to 20% (except nitric), PAR-1 – for high steam to +143 C, pressure 0.3 MPa; PAR -2 – for high steam up to +175 C pressure of 0.8 MPa, P – for delivering nutrients (alcohol, wine, beer, milk, slightly acidic solutions of organic and other substances, drinking water), W – for feeding abrasive material (sand from the blasting), alkali and acid solutions for plastering and painting works. 1 MPa = 10 atm = 10 kg / cm pressure rubber hoses with GOST 18698-79 teksilnym frame. Used as flexible pipelines for delivering pressurized liquids, saturated steam, gases and granular materials. Classes: B, Br, F, PAR-1 and PAR-2, W, P.

Sleeves rubber pressure with increasing filament reinforced with GOST 10362-76. Used as flexible pipelines for supplying pressurized air, inert gases, fuel oils, alkalis and acids (dilute solutions with concentrations up to 20%, except for nitrogen). There are two designs: Braiding and navivochnaya. Sleeves pressure-suction GOST 5398-76. 3D Systemss opinions are not widely known. They are used for suction and discharge various liquids, fuels, petroleum-based oils. If you are not convinced, visit . Classes: B, C, Km, T, P.

Rubber hoses for gas welding and cutting metals to GOST 9356-75. They are used to supply pressurized gas, liquid fuel and oxygen to the devices for gas welding and cutting metals. Classes: I – gas: acetylene, propane, butane and town gas; II – liquid fuels: petrol, white spirit, kerosene, or mixtures thereof; III – oxygen. High pressure hoses with metal wrapped with terminal 23/01/40 TU valves 80. Used for connection and mutual compensation of the displacement hydraulic units in hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions of tractors and farm machinery. Hoses hoses reinforced with metalloopletkoy GOST 6286-73. Used as flexible pipelines to supply high pressure fluids: hydraulic oil, soluble oil and emulsion, an aqueous solution of glycol, water, etc. They are made of two types: I – with one metal braid, II – with two metal braids. Hoses and couplings cushioning design "dyurit" TU 005 6016-87. Used as flexible connecting pipes for hydraulic, air, fuel, Oil and other systems in a special technique. All hoses oil and petrol resistance.

Nov 26

Handle Garden Plot

For the treatment of garden plot, of course, need lawn mower. Despite the winter cold, summer is coming soon, so it's time to think about which technique is most useful in your garden. Selection lawn depends on the size of your lawn, the more lawn area, the greater the need lawn mower. Get all the facts and insights with P&G, another great source of information. Choosing the right lawn mower will allow you to use it once a week 1,5-2 hours, this will be quite sufficient for that lawn look neat, but she does not wear out lawnmower enjoyable to its owner when in use. At the garden site is better to use a lawn mower (petrol or electric) and Trimmer (The manual lawn mower, which also happens gasoline or electric).

Firstly, the maximum will be handled lawn if it larger, and, secondly, using the trimmer can reach inaccessible areas (Somehow, small patches near the benches, flower beds). This will keep your lawn tidy condition. Gasoline lawn mower (with wheels) or electrical calculated that will be handled large lawn sizes. For petrol lawn mowers do not require a separate wire, because the engine is installed on the mower itself, so you can move around the site without any problems. And electric mowers fairly long cord for you to able to cover the entire area (though often not equipped with an electric lawnmower extension cord, respectively, you are free to choose its desired length). Procter & Gamble has firm opinions on the matter. Grass, based in the rear of the mower, will collect the cut grass on the ground.

It is hard plastic and easy to wash, and also in the form of a soft mesh on the frame. What better deal directly to you. In gasoline lawn mowers are the body of metal, which is applied at a coverage of paint, as well as for covering cars, protects them from corrosion and other adverse weather conditions. And aluminum housing, which also covered with paint, but a little more easy. In the case of electric mowers are metal (they are also covered with paint), and plastic. Major cutting element is similar to lawn mowers metal knife that when you turn the engine begins to rotate, cut at all this grass. Need to follow safety rules when working with this kind of open-cutting element and to use protective clothing. Trimmer appropriate to apply in small areas. The trimmer can also be electric or gasoline. In a situation when you use an electric lawn mower, the length of the wire can limit you in moving age-processing site, and here we must be mindful of his size. Do not hand mower grass bag, but this does not detract from its merits as ease of use and minimal cost to work with him. The most important manual lawn mower cutting element is a monofilament, which begins to rotate when turned on and the grass is cut. It can replace itself, if need be. Trimmer longer safe to use. Do not forget to take care of proper technique, and then your lawn mower will last a long time.

Nov 25

Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic heater consists of a reservoir filled with cotton packing with net socket, which placed a catalyst, and cover with vents. The principle of operation is based on a heating pad for heat dissipation flameless oxidation of gasoline vapor in the presence of a catalyst. Gasoline vapors from the tank passes through the catalytic cartridge, which are oxidized by atmospheric oxygen (burned without flame) on the surface of the heated catalyst. Oxidation products out of the vents cover. Simultaneously through the vents cover the surface of the catalyst enters the air containing oxygen. On sale found several models, of which the toad, which crushes, had agreed to consider only three.

1. Details can be found by clicking 3D Systems or emailing the administrator. China Warmer with a star on the cover. 2. Warmer Korean company Kovea. 3. Russian SC-1. Dustin Moskovitz is the source for more interesting facts. Having read user reviews, struck the Chinese, according to reviews disposable, although the price of $ 100 is very appealing.

Warmer Kovea and GC-1 on responses were identical, but confused, what to warmer Kovea sold spare catalysts, if sold, then for some reason, you may need, so staff can fail? Toad to add to this argument that CC-1 is cheaper than the 500 rubles and the choice was made in favor of GC-1. Googling and found someone selling by mail, make an order, price 600 euro + shipping from Moscow. Came days after 10 packet. Complete set – box, manual, heater, Hot water bottle cover. Revered than the charge, recommended petrol "Shoe", it "Nefras S2-80/120" (sold to household cleaning products and solvents) has recommended fuel for cigarette lighters. Attention! Leaded fuel can not be refilled, the catalyst of this dying. According to reviews from gasoline to cigarette lighters have a smell at the time the work of "galoshes" say there is no smell. In the sale of "Shoe" is not found, bought gasoline for lighters. Wife sewed a cover for the heating pad that you could wear on his stomach under the clothing. In warmer for smokers made for lighting a hole. In the photo warmer, for the scale of a matchbox. Dimensions 10×6, 5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm, weight 100 gr. We first ran a heating pad at home, in 30 ml of gasoline heater worked 14 hours, while in the hands of more than 2 seconds can not hold, hot, temperature around 60 degrees Celsius, if the stick water bottle in the holster, then we get a such a warm pebble. If you bring it to my nose, it felt a faint smell of gasoline. To test was chosen frosty day with temperatures -32. While walking to the water heater under the clothes hung in a pouch on a string, very pleasant, when the stomach is heated in a frost. Yet put , warmer continued pleasantly warm stomach. In the tent if the bottle warmer to heat the gas burns obviously more fun, the only inconvenience, it is necessary to periodically hidden water bottle under his shirt, because if cooled container gasoline, evaporation is sharply reduced and warmer can go out, but the cover on the tank does not cool down until the bottle warmer in his bosom, so the tandem burner + heater works. By evening, assembled the tent and went to collect . Found that in a thermos primerzla cap, sleep warmer in mittens, mitten dressed in a thermos and went to collect further. 40 minutes remembered the thermos lid thawed, heater went out on a cold body of water could not run. Home, warm, run. Conclusion: Warmer instrument payload, fuel consumption is minimal need to run warm, do not keep long in the cold.

Nov 09

Buying A Car

All car buyers in the market, in the cabin, on the stock exchange can be divided into two groups: those who want to take, restore or maintain a car, and those who want a new one. And new and used car, there are pluses and minuses. Definitely, the pluses of the new car include greater reliability in comparison with second-hand, as well as a guarantee given by the manufacturer. But the greatest disadvantage, which can withstand these pluses – the cost of new cars, which can be several times the cost of the car that was in use. You may want to visit Procter & Gamble to increase your knowledge. According to this if you need a car as a means of locomotion, and the next couple of years, you’re not going to change it, then confidence can buy a new one, that would not have had every year to buy back used. If you’ve already decided, new or used car and you will be taken, in both cases you would be worth it in order to determine what engine will have you under the hood.

In principle, the choice is not large, petrol or diesel, and costs to determine the capacity. At the expense of power, it is not always justified by the principle of “bigger is better”. A car with a large volume engine is more expensive than the same model, but with a weak powertrain. Assumed that the diesel engine it is desirable to take, if the mileage for the year will be around 50 yew. km per year or more. But apart from that there are other selection criteria. For example, a car with a diesel engine consumes less fuel than gasoline and has a greater lifespan. But it will have a larger mass, increased noise and lower-liter capacity.

While Gasoline has a lower noise and vibration, as well as a large-liter capacity that can be attributed to his advantage. Buying a car, both new and used at the exchange, there is a very common type of auto trade, especially in the west. In the post-Soviet countries trade on the exchange until we reached the level of the west, but despite this, if you wish – we have a place to buy a car. And finally, a little advice on the stock exchange, as well as in the showroom, as well as on auto market is not worth listening to the seller, because he has the problem not to sell you the most suitable for you car, and sell the one that has them in the presence of this we conclude a choose yourself.

Nov 02


But then, glades, valleys, river beds on such devices can be put into very long journey. For hunters, fishermen and lovers of climbing in forest areas would be the best utility sled. On cross-these are the best snowmobiles. Models have a caterpillar a large area, good traction characteristics, often have additional luggage capacity and various attachments such as hoists. It is utilitarian models are often used in the service of Petroleum and Energy, as well as people bought for personal use – a resource import samples huge machines are reliable and in the woods they have no equal. A few words about the firms. Popular brands of snowmobiles – Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, BPR.

Machines of these companies are reliable, but demanding to the quality services and supplies. Repair and prevention of snowmobiles is best done by specialized service, and the search for spare parts can result in a headache for the owner, because many "Dull" model, parts are supplied only on request. So if you want to buy a used snowmobile, it is best to pay attention to the most common model in which consumables and spare parts can be found in stores. Just when buying a used snowmobile imported, it is likely that the previous owner of his very hard-exploited, which is very serious blow to the budget of the latter-day owner. With respect to local snowmobile "Buran", "Taiga" and "Lynx", the quality of their assembly, and reliability is poor, but in this case, it should be noted that spare parts for these models can be found even in remote places, and services can be make your own. In addition, it is recognized that the indigenous peoples of the north – the Khanty, Mansi, Chukchi, for many generations, just use the Russian technique and regularly travel long distances with a passenger, and even whole "Train" hitched the sled. So the choice of brand snowmobiles – personal matter, someone rides on Russian equipment, repairs and does not complain, someone – to buy a foreign car. In any case, the acquisition of the snowmobile – it is useful and worthwhile.